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Is It Time For a Redesign?

The typical shelf life of a web layout design is approximately three to four years. These couple of years can fly by when you have a thriving business, employees to manage and multiple deadlines to meet. However, keeping your website ...

Byte Productions is going green!

Paperless billing seems like a natural progression for an Internet technology company. Have you noticed by now that most people pay many of their bills online, or that it has become commonplace to receive your billing statements by email? Byte ...

The Pitfalls of Other CMS Sites

So, you've got a "second cousin" who is offering to setup a WordPress site for your business for practically nothing? Please read the following before you take the leap and make a possible lethal business decision!

Don't Be Fooled!

Some of our clients have alerted us to a supposed Domain Name Service (DNS) back-up service provider by the name DNS Services ( with a business address in Vancouver, Washington.

Customer Focus: Northern Speech Services

Northern Speech Services & National Rehabilitation Services Inc. has been a long-term client of Byte Productions since 1997. They are a leader in providing online courses (E-Courses), seminars and products that provide continuing education for Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational ...

Inbox Capacity Limits Double

For all of our customers who utilize our email services, we are pleased to announce an increase in your inbox capacity and attachment size limits. Our previous limits were set to 50 megabytes for inbox capacity and 10 megabytes for ...
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