Are you or your client looking for assistance with PunchOut?

You may have heard the term “PunchOut Catalog” or “Punchout Website” and wondered exactly what this means or why you may need it. A PunchOut website is a standard ecommerce website with the special ability to communicate directly with a procurement system through cXML and return a pending purchase order back to the buyer. This system eliminates the need to enter product information in the procurement system & makes it easier for the purchaser because the application is automatically logged in.

Our team at Byte Productions has taken a strong interest in developing Punchout catalogs and EDI (electronic data interchange) using cXML and OCI standards.

We have experience with multiple B2B procurement systems such as:

  • Ariba
  • Coupa
  • GEP
  • Basware
  • SutiSoft
  • Sievo

We simplify the process for you to have a fully functional ecommerce website with the ability to be automatically logged in, search the catalog, configure items, add them to the shopping cart, and return the cart as a pending purchase order back to the procurement system.

Our goal is to help suppliers with eProcurement systems. We serve as a liaison between supplier and purchaser.

Contact Byte Productions’ Team of developers today for a free consultation. (231) 946-2983.