We at Byte do not use Wordpress.

To best serve our clients’ needs, the cookie cutter approach that Wordpress utilizes so well simply does not provide the nuance and acuity of tools we find necessary to build a truly successful site. 

Put simply, Wordpress uses themes and plug-ins, cobbled together from different designers. More plug-ins mean more updates, which can allow for more vulnerabilities. Not to mention, a remote human element, to say the least. 

Instead of the recycled themes inherent to Wordpress, our clients get a design that fits them specifically, beginning with a baseline of HTML and building up. This is important for a number of reasons; most importantly, we use a framework with security solidly baked right into the design. All those Wordpress plug-ins come from an admin interface, which makes concise back up impossible. We keep components separated and versions controlled. Most of the tech solutions pertinent to SEO stem from good HTML, and the key to that is to code semantic, accessible HTML, design friendly and not simply “out of the box.”

As far as that all important framework we build from, Wordpress is written in PHP, previously used by Byte and very intentionally switched to Django. More concise and designer friendly, with Django we get Python as a designer language, Mezzanine for CMS, and Oscar for e-commerce. As designers, we believe these to be more durable and more sustainable. Open-sourced, each provides for quicker, exceptionally reactive, more successful site designs for our customers. 

This framework also allows for Byte to offer our clients an utterly unique, simple Content Management System that is both exceptionally easy to use and highly secure.      

Again, this is not to say there is anything wrong with Wordpress, it is very good at what it is very good at, so-to-speak. By building up from our own HTML we provide true individuality, functionality beneath the surface, better control, better security, and better all-around service. We provide any and all training our customers require, and we take care of updates, because we still believe in the importance of relationships with our customers; benefits that strike to the the core of what we strive for as a business at Byte Productions. We aim to lead, not follow. It’s that simple.

Since the hackers can download the server-side programming files, how easy do you think it is for them to hack Wordpress sites?
Our server-side programming in securely untouchable.