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Competitive Analysis – We take the time to really learn your business in order to properly define target keywords.

Direct Contact – You will be in direct contact with the person managing your campaigns. If you have questions or concerns a simple email or phone call will solve those. 

Reporting – Monthly performance reporting sent straight to your email, ensures that your website marketing efforts are paying off. 

Safe & Reliable RankingsDifferent SEO companies use different methods, and we pride ourselves on using the most tried and true methods that Google will love. Our methods also shield your website from other potential threats, like negative SEO. Many other methods used can leave you with short term rankings or even cause a Google penalty, this can be hard to recover from and could lead to permanent de-indexing of your website.  Trust us and our 25-year reputation to get you in the best position possible. 

Your website getting found by the search engines doesn't just happen by accident when we make it live to the world. Right now there are about a billion active websites out there, so unfortunately, your brand new website is sort of like a single drop of water in a vast ocean.

You can do plenty of research yourself about how to market your website across the world wide web, or you can get our help by asking about our SEO Strategy program.

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What to Expect From Quality Search Engine Optimization

As you enter your query into the search engine and then hit enter, you will get a huge list of web results which includes your query term. Almost every user visits sites that top the list on the very first page as they find them to be more applicable to their search term. If you are wondering why some websites have a better position than others, the answer is Search Engine Optimization (SEO), this is one of the strongest marketing techniques available to any business. You may have heard that SEO is imperative and that you must use it, but what results can you expect from quality search engine optimization. In short, he companies that invest in search engine marketing experience higher ranks on search engines like Google and the truth is those that do not practice SEO are likely to lag behind and go unnoticed.

Below is a list of a few key benefits of SEO that help businesses increase their bottom line!

Tablet with search bar on the screenAn improved user-experience

Google demands a quality user experience, because of this all SEO starts with a great website. The site needs to have a balance between specific elements relating to the user as well as the search engine robot. Many people call this on-page SEO. The web page is designed in such a way that it is apparent to the user & the search engine alike what the topic of the page is. This, of course, leads to more sales as you will be getting more traffic that engages at a higher level than an un-optimized website.

Better traffic

The top positions in the search result pages will receive the maximum number of clicks and impressions, and if you manage to secure your place in these top positions, then you will by default get more traffic moving through your website. Combined with the previous benefit of better user experience, your business will see an increase in customers.

Cost effective marketing

SEO is amongst the best cost-effective marketing techniques as it targets those users who are actively searching for your services and products. The nature of SEO helps businesses save money compared to the outbound methods like cold-calling, direct mail, radio, TV or print ads. Even though these can be considered to be an efficient way, the leads generated here will cost you more money and be harder to track an ROI. Moreover, since SEO targets those users who are actively searching services and products like yours, the website traffic is a higher quality than other marketing methods, thus proving cost-effective for businesses.

Return on investment

Search engine optimization offers measurable and trackable results, whether your website is a standard site or e-commerce site, you have the highest likelihood of a positive return on investment. SEO agencies can track almost each aspect of their strategies like an increase in conversion, traffic, and rankings. With the help of comprehensive analytics, it is even possible to see demographic information and other types of engagement metrics for those people who interacted with your website. SEO agencies can help E-commerce sites to see which paths users have taken to complete their sale, including which keyword they used to search the company before purchasing. Non-e-commerce websites can attribute values to their lead conversions, for instance by using a “contact us” form, and then calculate their SEO strategy value.

Better brand awareness

Ranking in top positions results in a higher number of impressions, and if your website manages to reach such places on the result pages, your brand will be getting more exposure. Moreover, if you are on the first page for the targeted keywords, together with helping people associate your company with those keywords, it will also contribute to building trust, as companies on the first page are usually considered to be more reliable. The more your content and pages manage to rank a good position in the search engines, the brighter chances are there for your content to be viewed by users.

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