Customer Focus: Northern Speech Services

Northern Speech Services & National Rehabilitation Services Inc. has been a long-term client of Byte Productions since 1997. They are a leader in providing online courses (E-Courses), seminars and products that provide continuing education for Speech Language Pathologists, Physical Therapists, Occupational Therapists, and Educators.

We built the last version of their website seven years ago in 2003. In our book that is a strong shelf life for web technology, especially with as many dynamic sections as their website has. Their recently launched, new website provides major updates for 2010.

The new site for the next decade incorporates many innovative features, the majority of which are happening behind the scenes, giving them:

  • greater control for the administrators,
  • the automation of key tasks essential to operating their business,
  • eliminating many redundant tasks no longer necessary, and
  • helping their company to run more efficiently utilizing the newest online technology.

NSS is taking full advantage of web technology to communicate with their clients and to allow their site visitors to take online courses, register for seminars, purchase products and more. Byte is proud to put them in our customer spotlight this month, and wishes them great success with their new web tools.