Websites for Small Businesses

I recently encountered a small business owner who asked me, "Do you work with small businesses? I've seen some of your work with the National Cherry Festival, but we're much smaller."

The answer is YES, we do!

At Byte, we work with a variety of clients from a self-starting entrepreneur to a large, nationally-recognized hospital. Personally, I think it's a great mix. Our staff gets to learn about different industries and trades almost daily and bringing someone's dream website to life is an awesome feeling. 

We aren't just a web company that you never get to meet or talk to. We're people, and we like to work with other good people, so no matter how large your company or budget is, we'll find the right set of tools for you to succeed online. 

One of our most popular small business solution is bytePages. bytePages are template-based websites with a CMS (content management system) included in the package. The CMS gives small business owners the ability to log-in and update any information easily. Got a new logo? No problem. Want to upload photos from your last luncheon? You can do that as well. Plus, it's easy to learn. 

bytePages sites have appealed to an assortment of clients. Below are some of our clients.

5K Races: Traverse City Turkey Trot 

Festivals: Bayside Festival

Laundromats: West Bay Laundry 

Computers/Technology: CityMac

Once you get started developing your bytePages site, it can sometimes be difficult to begin to write applicable content. We took this issue into consideration and now, as an added bonus we will also work with you to develop up to four (4) pages of content. 

With a price tag of $500, it's a business investment you don't want to miss out on! 

Visit for more information and get started by building your website online. Once you purchase your site, we will be in contact with you about your next steps.

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