7 Activities to Get You Blogging

Blogging is great for marketing! Blogging drives more traffic to your website! You have to blog to be successful! The more you blog, the better you feel!

OK, maybe not the last one, but over the years, blogging has definitely become a significant inbound marketing tool, as well as a nightmare for many small business owners.

Everyone wants to keep an active blog, but once it goes live, it often falls to the wayside when things get hectic around the office or there is a lack of creative inspiration.

It’s extremely easy to fall into a blogging slump, so instead of writing a long article telling you what you already know, I’ve compiled seven 10 minute activities to get your creative blog writing juices flowing. 

1. Draw a picture for one of your favorite clients – Who doesn't love a good doodle? Ask yourself why their project was so successful.  I’m sure your followers would love to hear.

2. Write down five words to describe your company. Explain a situation that exemplifies each. Go ahead, toot your own horn.

3. Get back to the basics. It’s easy to feel the pressure of writing about the latest and greatest, but does everyone know what you do or make?  Talk to someone unfamiliar with your industry and note the questions that they ask. Those questions can be addressed in a blog post.

4. Take lots of photos! If you have great images, it may be easier to explain something more complex to your audience.

5. Work from a different space. Sometimes stepping away from your office can give you some much needed inspiration. Take your iPad to a local coffee spot, or if you can't get out of the office, take an empty seat elsewhere.

6. Read! Take a few minutes and see what’s trending in your industry.

7. Delegate. Ask a colleague or client to write a guest blog post. Take the pressure off yourself. Sometimes the best blog posts are done by a fresh outlook.

If you are anything like me, your best ideas come at the worst times; in the shower, driving or even operating heavy machinery. Write your ideas as they come or simply create a list in one of the fabulous apps you have, or check out Trello, Evernote or Simplenote.

Happy Blogging!