Byte Productions has Redesigned Our Website!

The web business is a fast-paced, constantly changing business. We at Byte have long been known for staying on top of that curve. This is why we've redesigned our website to keep up with today's more demanding web standards.

Take a look around as we describe some of the new features.

Do you recognize the latest featured InfoBytes stories there on the home page? That is because we acknowledge the importance of keeping our website content current. We have taken our most recent blog entries and added them right on the home page so our site visitors can always see the latest news we're talking about. Search engines love sites where content is always kept fresh and updated. It makes them want to come back to visit more often.

Speaking of our Blog, did you know that we are including our InfoBytes stories into our Blog for your future reference? If you've lost a past issue of InfoBytes, have no fear, you can always locate the story you're looking for in the Byte Blog. As our Blog grows we expect to include more topic categorization of the Blog posts for easier reference. The Blog will not just be an eNewsletter depository though! Watch for other stories of current interest in the Blog as well. Who knows, maybe we'll even post a link to Tim and Tom's skydiving video last month :)

Online Billing

Yes, we've been telling you about our push toward paperless billing. Now this feature is prominent on our new website, making it even easier for you, our customer, to save a tree. It's so easy, safe, and secure. Just do-o-o-o-o it....

Help Center

We have taken all the work out of it for you and developed tools and step-by-step guides for registering or renewing your domain, or using your new Content Management System or List Emailer. Remember GTOC's new site we featured in July? They use both the CMS and List Emailer systems. Now you can see how easy their management systems work for them.

Byte Pages

Do you know that we have a template-based site ordering system that you can use to launch new sites at a cheaper rate and quicker pace. Custom sites are always necessary for more complex business websites, but in this economy, haven't you thought about launching a new small business on the side, or know someone who has? Byte Pages is perfect for getting that site up and running. We have a multitude of templates to choose from. All you need to do is pick a template, pick the colors, and send us your logo and your site content. Voila! A quick and easy site. We've got some ideas cooking up to further expand this template-based offering. Keep your ears open!

About Us/Portfolio/Testimonials

Every website should have an about us section, a portfolio section and a testimonials page to let your prospective clients know who you are, what you've been up to, and what your clients think of you.


Every website should also have an easy way for prospective clients to contact you. We've expanded on this and added another form for prospective clients to immediately act on their needs and actually place a work request to order their custom website from us right there online.

Tell us what you think of our new website. Does it meets your needs? Do you like the new design? Would you like one just like it? What are your thoughts about it?