Smartphone Capability

So many people out there have smartphones now. Do you sometimes find viewing the web on your phone frustrating and hardly worth the effort? More and more, web designers are beginning to accept the inevitability that the sites they design are going to be viewed in small scale too. It's refreshing to find websites that give a mobile option as well as a standard web view option.

 So have you considered adding this option to your own website? We at Byte have designed our website for such viewing. If you have a smartphone of your own, go ahead and type into your web browser there. For mobile browsing, our site does not have the standard sidebar, or drop-down navigation. The text on our site is not so tiny that you have to zoom in to see it either.

Does your website have a forum or a blog, or would your customers like you to have a forum or a blog added? Forums and blogs designed to be viewed on smartphones are entirely accessible and easy to use. What a great way to allow your customers to converse with you, and with each other, whether on their desktop computer or their smartphone.

Contact Tim Barrons to arrange to have this convenience added to your website.