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List Management

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Creating New Lists:
Click on Lists in the left side bar to access the List Summary page. At the top of the page you will see an ‘Add’ button. Click on it. Give the List a descriptive name to identify it by. Select whether this list will be for Live purposes or for Test purposes. Select whether this new list will be public or not. Making the list public means that it will show up on the public subscription form for the public to subscribe to it. If you have more than one public list then the subscription form will have an option list for which newsletter lists the subscriber wants to subscribe to. You don’t want to make your test list public, or any internal company lists. Save your new List, then go back to the List Summary screen to see it in the summary listing of Lists.

Now you have created an empty list. Click on your new List in the list summary listing to view it. From here you can add individual Users, or import an external file list of Users to populate your new list. Prepare your .csv or .txt file in advance per the instructions on the Importing File page (click the ‘Import File’ button to get there). The file you import should have at least the following fields; First Name, Last Name, and Email. The system will locate these appropriate fields within your file and import your list into your newly created Mail List. If you are using this method to add to an existing mail list, the system will also recognize existing duplicates and will not create duplicate entries in your mail list. Contact us if you need further assistance with importing files.

Deleting Existing Lists:
To delete a list, click the corresponding ‘Actions’ button next to the list on the Lists summary page. Delete List is the last action there. Remember that deleting a list only puts it into the trash receptacle. It can be restored from there if necessary.