Bay Life North

About Bay Life North

The publishers of Bay LIFE North, Tom and Teri Gorsline, bring over 30 years of publishing experience owning and managing Frederick Magazine, a monthly subscription lifestyle magazine for the mid-Maryland metropolitan region. Their goal is to provide the business community with an affordable means to reach and target the highly desirable family households who are spending money to raise their kids, provide quality educational and recreational pursuits and improve their homes. Bay LIFE North also appeals to the affluent baby boomers who, as grandparents, are pursuing active retirement lifestyles.

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Our Approach to Bay Life North

We wanted to create a unique way to showcase some of Bay Life North's wonderful photographs of Northern Michigan. We decided to create a grid-like homepage with content managed squares for the magazine so they can easily swap out images to highlight certain aspects of their growing magazine. We also create a featured image space on all of the interior pages so each page showcases a unique large image. 

If you love this layout, we now have it available as a template option! 

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