Abdominopelvic Health PLLC

About Abdominopelvic Health PLLC

Abdominopelvic Health, PLLC, is an independently owned practice offering integrative therapy services within Imagine Health. They specialize in holistic occupational therapy treatment for pelvic floor dysfunction and core muscle imbalance, with a further mission to assist all who seek guidance along the path to balanced health. They are committed to offering their clients comprehensive, goal-oriented treatment in a nurturing environment. Their personalized outlook on care delivers knowledge and empowerment to the client and a commitment from the therapist to provide results in a professional and efficient manner. Abdominopelvic Health is a private pay practice, allowing for extended treatment times and flexibility in clinical decision-making ensuring a patient first, best practice approach.

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Our Approach to Abdominopelvic Health PLLC

We were asked to design a zen-like website, with soothing colors. A logical and easy-to-navigate navigation gives their clients just what they are looking for, quickly and efficiently.

The best part? Like all of our new websites, Abdominopelvic Health's website can be viewed in full on any media, at any time. Need to see their hours on the fly? Need to call them to let them know you're running a little late? Just touch the phone number on their website on your phone, and your phone will dial it.

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