Get to Know Owner & Lead Developer, Tom Barrons

Tom Barrons

At age 23, Tom Barrons decided to start a small tech business with his little brother, Tim. Over the next 24 years, he has grown Byte Productions to what it is today. Owning company with nine full-time employees and hundreds of happy customers, Tom has been an entrepreneur for over half his life! 

I sat down with Tom and asked him the hard hitting questions.

What is an average day like at Byte Productions? 

Hard work and very rewarding.  I get to make decisions and problem solve, which are a couple of things I think I’m pretty good at.   

Besides doing business administration, I really enjoy programming, especially solving the most efficient way to make a program do what we want. Throw in a dash of brotherly bickering; that’s my day and I wouldn’t change a thing.

Favorite client moment

Tough question over 25 years. We’ve had a lot of clients and a lot of great moments with them.  The story I find myself telling the most often is how Paul Britten gave us the Anakin Sywalker statue.  

He won it by bid at a Glad Hander auction. His young daughter was afraid of it in his house.  He knew that we liked Star Wars, so he left it outside our office door one day after hours. I came into the parking lot late that evening to pick something up and saw a mysterious shadowy figure by the door at dusk.

What do you do when you’re not at work? 

Spend as much time as possible outdoors. Hiking or snow shoeing with the wife and dog. Fishing in my boat or on the ice with my buds. And occasionally I play some music, rock-n-roll of course.

Drink of choice

Beer,  specifically Yuengling.


Honor, MI


I have almost always had a dog in my life except for my college years. My last three have been retriever breed, and males.  They are great companions for the outdoor activities I enjoy, and I’ve always brought them to the office. Currently Emmett can be seen hanging around Byte.   

Hidden talent

Hidden?   I have several talents I flaunt, but hidden...  It would have to be the fact that I’m a pretty decent breakfast cook.   Past roommates have always taken advantage of this fact and my wife Kirsten will probably admit I can whip up a darn good omelet. 


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