A Permanent Addition to the Team

Does this guy look familiar? 

Earlier this summer, we featured Travis in a blog post about his internship with Byte and how it seemed to be a match made in heaven.

Late last week, during an impromptu company meeting, everyone was ecstatic to hear the announcement that Travis had accepted a permanent position with us. (Thank goodness, because we were starting to have anxiety about the thought of him leaving us).

If you've had the experience of working with Travis either in person or over the phone, you realize why we wanted him to stay. He has taken IT to a whole new level and has fit in with our team from day 1. 

If you've had a great interaction with Travis or you just want to send him a congratulations, feel free to comment on this post. 

Cheers to you, and your future with Byte Productions!

P.S. Travis is featured on the right,  Chewbacca has been with the company for years.