Grand Traverse Motel

About Grand Traverse Motel

GT Motel was built in the 1950s as a one story building just outside of town to provide a budget option to Traverse City’s seasonal visitors. In the 1970s, the motel added a second story with more rooms to accommodate the increase in visitors to our well-situated city. In 2018, the motel transferred ownership for the third time since its establishment, continuing GT Motel’s tradition as a family-owned and operated property. The motel is located a short walk from downtown Traverse City.

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Our Approach to Grand Traverse Motel

After visiting the Grand Traverse Motel, we really wanted to tell their story visually with spectacular shots of Downtown Traverse City's diverse offerings and photos of the motel rooms and amenities. Incorporating the online booking agent seamlessly was also an important factor in the website design and build. We had a really good time designing this website and think the final product turned out really well.  Give the site a visit and let anyone visiting the area about this budget-friendly option!

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