Benzie Bus

About Benzie Bus

Benzie Bus connects people of all ages and abilities to our community and promotes independence and prosperity through a safe and convenient public transit system.

Benzie Bus envisions a future in their Benzie County community in which:

  • All people can live, learn, work, and play conveniently and independently without driving.
  • People choose to travel via public transportation because it is a safe, affordable, modern, and environmentally friendly way of getting where they want to go.
  • Employers and employees prosper with convenient transportation solutions that support and strengthen communities and the local economy.
  • Families are strengthened and sustained through cost-effective and convenient transportation choices for all family members.
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Our Approach to Benzie Bus

We used the Google Transit map feature to map each of Benzie Bus' routes. As the day progresses and the routes become available, or not available, the map will alter to reflect those changes. The staff at Benzie Bus can change the routes charts manually on their new site. 

Customers can now purchase their bus passes right on the Benzie Bus website, or even request a special route trip, or a ride to the airport or Doctor's office.

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