Thank You for a Fantastic 2014

As 2014 comes to an end, we (like many other businesses) are able to reflect on our company as a whole and the direction we would like to take for the next year. 

It's been quite an amazing year with many highlights which include, but are not limited to participating in the Traverse City Chamber's Small Business Awards, handling over 2400 registrations in 19 minutes for the Bayshore Marathon, adding a great Developer, Rob Vezina to the team, volunteering at the VASA ski race and overall producing great work for multiple projects. 

We often get the question, "What makes you different than other web design companies?". The answer sometimes fluctuates but it always stems from the fact that everyone here is truly passionate about the work they produce. We set ourselves apart by answering and returning phone calls and emails, training customers how to use technology to end up saving them money and also providing simple solutions for sometimes complex situations. 

Every client is different, and it always amazing us how much we are able to learn everyday. Every project that comes through our door has our team researching for best solutions and brainstorming new ideas. 

I'm excited to announce that 2015 will hold new developments for our Online Event Registration System, byteEvents to make it even bigger and better and we will continue to offer our small business websites for only $500! 

Thank you for all of your continuous support and keeping this small business rolling for over 23 years.

     - The Byte Productions Team