Domain-based Email for Your Company

Companies often spend thousands of marketing dollars branding themselves through web, print and other tools each year. Thinking big picture sometimes causes small and inexpensive opportunities to be overlooked, such as setting up domain-based email for you and your employees.

If you aren't familiar, domain-based email is simply having unique  email accounts using your company's domain name, such as 

Many start-ups make the transition to business owner and bring along their personal email, which can be confusing or unprofessional. That's why setting up domain-based emails is so important. As your business and employees grow, the standard stays the same and email accounts like or can be directed to the right employee. 

Hosting of email accounts generally start around $2 per email a month and features such as archiving can be added on at a minimal cost. 

If you are a Byte Productions web customer and are interested in our domain-based email service.Contact us for more information. 

We also provide ongoing customer service and email support, if you are a current client and need assistance, call (231) 946-2983 Ext. 254.