Thaw of the Dead - Byte Gets Zombiefied

Are you a zombie fan? Do you love movies? Have you run in the Traverse City Zombie Run?  If you answered "YES" to any of these questions, then you need to get involved in the Thaw of the Dead project! 

Our friends at  The Treefort Collective are creating a short zombie film which a special Northern Michigan twist. You've never seen zombies like this before, frostbitten, freezing and sure to delight even the biggest zombie fan!  With a whole crew of special effects artists and local talent, Thaw of the Dead will be filmed entirely in the Grand Traverse  Region and even feature some of your favorite hang outs (Hint: The Cheese Shanty).

Byte was fortunate enough to work with Dave Marek, Cat Muncey and the rest of The Treefort Collective gang to bring the project to life via the web. We implemented a parallax within the landing page to give an eerie zombie-like effect  which also transfers to the user's mobile experience. This website launched today and we are excited to implement new features as the project grows in the upcoming months. 

Thaw of the Dead is currently running a small Indiegogo campaign to secure the funds they need to complete the project this March. Show them some love and be a part of their zombie film-making adventure! Making a contribution gets you some awesome swag, early registration to the TC Zombie Run or even a chance to be an extra in the film. 

As promised, we'd like to include a testimonial from the Producer of Thaw of the Dead, Cat Muncey. 

"Dude. This is flipping sweet! I just checked it out on mobile and it rocks. This is TOO COOL!" 

Visit the Thaw of the Dead website and see what all of the buzz is about!