Providing Superior Customer Service

I've found that many businesses claim to provide "the best customer service in town" in radio, print or online advertising. This claim to fame is used by banks, car dealerships or even mortgage brokers. But, when was the last time you've heard a web company pride themselves on providing excellent customer service? 

I've realized in the technology industry, many companies can get away with not properly assisting customers. I feel, it's because they think they don't have much to lose after the initial sale of a website or online marketing services. Many rely on smoke and mirrors and perhaps empty promises of project completion dates. This to me, is the entirely wrong way of doing businesses.

Of course, it's important to have a great team of employees who can produce an excellent end result, but continued support and the ability to answer client's questions after the initial launch is equally as important.

At Byte, we realize that fast responses & resolution times are necessary to conduct day-to-day business for many of our clients, and that's why we've added an additional  tech support resource for our clients. 

Recently, we launched an error report form right within our website. Clients can use this form to give us key information to help troubleshoot the bug that they may be having. 

Once the client has submitted the secure form, our IT Support team will be in touch ASAP to help resolve the issue. Providing information about the error up front will give us a good starting point to help you through the resolution process.