Partnering Functionality and Design - The H Residence

In the web world, functionality and design go hand in hand to create highly successful websites. A stunning design loses its pizzazz when slow response time, broken images and poorly written code sinks in. 

That's why Byte Productions partners with many marketing and design agencies to be their web and technology partner. Our content managed websites are built and supported by us and not only do we provide great customer service, we build a superior product that is optimized for a great user experience. 

One of our latest partnership projects was building a new custom-designed website for luxury condominiums called the H Residence

Trapani is a great company to work with and we greatly appreciate their eye for design! We partnered with Trapani Communications, in Midland, MI. They designed the layout and interior pages of the site and we built a responsive website using our easy-to-use content management system.

If you or someone you know is interested in learning more about using Byte Productions as a web and technology partner, feel free to contact us