Official Web Sponsor of the National Cherry Festival

The National Cherry Festival is gearing up for another jam-packed week with thousands of attendees and dozens of concerts, events & festivities. While The National Cherry Festival is in the limelight of the news and press, Byte Productions works quietly from their Cherry Bend office to ensure the festivals web presence is enjoyable for viewers.

A few months ago, Trevor Tkach, Executive Director & Mandy De Puy, Director of First Impressions of the National Cherry Festival discuss the last minute, minor updates to the website with Tim Barrons Owner/Partner of Byte Productions.

This last minute, pre-festival back and forth is nothing new though. The relationship between Byte Productions & The National Cherry Festival began in the mid-90s and neither have looked back since. Tim Barrons exclaims, “We feel honored that the Cherry Festival has continued to choose Byte Productions as their technology partner for the past 15+ years”.

Being raised in the area, the Barrons brothers developed strong ties to the Traverse City area early on. They started Byte Productions in 1991 and soon after, wanted to give back to the community in the best way they knew how, web-work.

They were presented with the opportunity to become the Official Web Sponsor of the The National Cherry Festival, and the brothers decided it was the perfect opportunity to collaborate as well as give back to the community.

Throughout the years, the festival website has gone though many changes, the most recent in February 2012. The 2012 redesign was complete with a new look as well as new functional event scheduling tools called byteEvents, for event guests. In 2013, another visual change occurred and the background image changed from the Blue Angels to the cherries. 

As The National Cherry Festival evolves, Byte Productions looks forward to creating new and improved tools to implement, as well as build and grow the sponsorship. 

The feedback has been amazing and Byte Productions has even received this stellar testimonial from Chuck O' Connor, the Director of Marketing for the National Cherry Festival. 

“All of the praise that the National Cherry Festival website has received over the years for its variety of features – from animations and multimedia, to the functionality of its databases – is due to the creativity and intuitive suggestions of the Byte team”

Make sure to visit the National Cherry Festival website & join in on the event festivities! Don't forget to use #cherryfestival and share your experiences.