The End of .TC Domains

If you live in Northern Michigan, you may have noticed the use of .TC for local domains. Many companies decided to purchase these domains and use them to reference an easy way to remember "Traverse City".  In reality, the .TC domain is the Internet country code for Turks and Caicos Islands. 

In 2013 a major dispute arose between AdamsNames, who used to runs the .TC registry, and Meridian, the company who currently runs the registry. 

AdamsNames accused Meridian of attempting to hijack the registry, and is now warning the public against registering domain names with them. The dispute was documented on some domain name blogs in early 2013.

There is now a court document which is preventing either company from doing anything with .TC.  No new registrations, no renewals, and no transfers of the .TC domain can be made by any registrar.  

According to ENOM, this ruling went into affect last May, and since we are only allowed to register/renew domains for one year (a rule with the .TC registry), all the .TC domains will be deleted as they expire and will be completely gone by the end of May 2014.

We predict that once the legal issues are resolved, the company who gains control will open .TC for new registrations.

If you have a .TC domain name that needs to be migrating to ensure no downtime with your website. Please contact Byte Productions to help you purchase and/or migrate your domain.