Heartbleed Defeated

By now, you have most likely heard about the internet bug, Heartbleed, which has impacted a large number of companies on the web. Heartbleed affected the OpenSSL framework used by many online businesses to privately send data to and from internet servers. The attack could then leak information from the server’s memory, specifically the private key that is used for a website's secure certificate, and prevent your website from being secured.

We want to assure you that Byte Productions has taken the proactive actions to insure the integrity of our client's websites during this breach in security. Above and beyond the required upgrades to our servers, we are also reissuing secure certificates for our client's websites.  There is no charge associated with the reissue of the certificates, but it does involve an action on the client's part.  

If you received an email from our Network Administrator Ken Schweigert last week, there is an action needed on your end to complete the security process. Please respond to the request for the new certificate to be reissued.  It is imperative that you complete this step as soon as possible.

When your certificate was first issued, there was an email sent to you asking you to approve the issuance of the certificate.  You will need to do this step again to get it reissued and sent to us.  Please follow the link provided in the email and a new certificate will be sent to us.

As always, Byte Productions strives to keep you informed of organized threats and attacks that may impact you and your business. If you have additional questions concerning Heartbleed, please contact Ken Schweigert at ken@bytepro.net.