Google Sending Mobile Usability Warnings

There has been a lot of buzz about “responsive” and mobile-friendly websites in 2013 & 14, but now, its hitting home for a lot of small businesses who haven’t made the update yet.

Google is now alerting webmaster clients if their website is not mobile friendly and prompting web admins to update or “fix” the problem immediately.

The message has a subject line of "Fix mobile usability issues found on http://www...."

Typically, Google notifying webmasters about crucial issues is a sign of BIG changes to come in terms of Google's Algorithm (which ranks websites in search results). 

Although nothing is confirmed, experts are estimating drops in traffic to those who do not update their website to be mobile-friendly.

If you have received this email and are unsure how to proceed, contact us and we can help you assess your website and assist in making the best decisions regarding your online presence.

Not sure if your website is responsive or mobile-friendly?

There is a nifty tool to show you how your responsive website looks on all devices called Am I Responsive. *** Please note if you have mobile pages they won't be shown here. 

Simply type in your URL (including the http://www) into the search bar to see how your responsive website looks to online visitors. If you see something that isn't formatting correctly, you may be missing out on potential business. 

If you have mobile-pages built into your site, you will see in mobile search results and also the term "mobile-friendly" before the meta description.

Be sure to contact Byte Productions ASAP to make sure mobile visitors are able to find and access information on your website. These updates will affect you if you do not update. Don't miss out!