Get to Know Tim Barrons - Our Bicycle Superman

Tim Barrons

Tim's the kind of the guy that co-owns a highly successful, local web company for over 24 years and tells people he's a "Project Manager". That's why we love Tim - he's a down-to-earth, humble just all around great dude. 

Tim's role at Byte Productions expands over many different areas within the company.

Mainly, Tim is responsible for managing projects and making sure crucial information gets distributed internally to complete tasks. In his spare time, Tim also dives into design, development, IT and sales.

Tim knows the right questions to ask and somehow manages to capture client's desires and translate them into top notch websites. 

I sat down with Tim (not hard since we share an office) and asked him the hard hitting questions.

What is your favorite thing about working at Byte Productions?

It's fun to look back and see how the company has grown and changed throughout the 24 years Tom & I have been in business. Every day is different and what I love most is learning about different local businesses and helping them achieve their online goals. It's amazing how many really unique businesses are in our area!

Some of my favorite fun things we do as a company are celebrating employee birthdays with pizza and playing cards at the end of the work week with a local IPA. 

What is your favorite feature of the ByteEditor CMS? 

The SINK - when one of our developers created the content type, he said it has everything programmed in but the kitchen sink... Hence the name. I love that I feel confident when building websites for our customer with our content management system. Our IT gurus, Ken & Travis, work hard to manage the security and integrity of the websites we host.

What piece of technology do you love the most?

Since it's winter, I would say the remote car starter on my car. It's great to have when I'm running out to grab lunch or meet with clients.

If you could be any super hero who would it be?

Bicycle Superman.

What’s your favorite thing to do outside of work?

Riding one of my numerous bicycles, teaching spin at Club One & Iron Works and spending time with my family. 

Why Traverse City?

I love the water, winter... downtown. It's just a fun place to live and I think a great place to raise my daughter, Parker. 


Have more questions for Tim? Fire him over an email or connect with him on LinkedIn