Change to DNS for Better Stability

A few of our customers were affected by a Denial of Service (DoS) attack on December 17th. The DoS attack was not directed against Byte Productions, but toward the domain name servers of the domain registrar that we use: Tucows/OpenSRS.

Domain name servers (DNS) are what points your domain name to a webserver as well as pointing your email routing records to the appropriate email servers. This attack, which lasted about 8 hours, effectively made entire websites unreachable.  Tucows/OpenSRS reports that they manage about 14 million domain names, so this had the potential to be a pretty large hit to the internet as a whole.

Domain name servers are something that have been targeted often with DoS attacks.  About a year ago we saw Godaddy, an even bigger DNS provider, go down for about 16 hours.   In our case, Tucows mitigated the problem in about 8.   

This problem is international in scope as the attacks often come from off shore and are targeting United States commerce. These attacks are routinely addressed by branches of our government that fall under Homeland Security jurisdiction, and as such, is something that is bigger than Byte Productions can mitigate; we need to rely on our upstream providers to take appropriate action.

In an effort to do our best in selecting such services for our customers we have elected to replace the Tucows/OpenSRS DNS solution.  Any of our customers who were affected by the DoS attack in December, has had their DNS moved to a more robust and stable cloud solution provided by Rackspace. This change happened before the new year and would have caused no down time and no action needed on your part.

Byte Productions will continue to strive to offer the best services for our customers and will always monitor and review such services to offer you the highest quality that you have grown to expect.

- Ken & Tom