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April 16, 2013, 12:00 am

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Britten Online Design is an online sign-building tool that allows a visitor to select a template and customize it to their needs. The web application we built them provides customers with fonts, colors, and art choices, and helps guide them to build a good-looking sign or banner, complete with material options and fabrication choice. The order then goes into a shopping cart and, upon completion, the high-resolution, print-ready file is sent to the production house for fabrication, printing, and shipping.

The site also has a complete corporate partner section, so large companies with franchisees, dealers or members can log into a corporate account and customize pre-made corporate banners to their specific store needs. The end result protects corporate branding, provides visual consistancy, and provides tools for franchisees to create custom signs to promote their own custom messages or specials.

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