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To check if a domain is available to register, please visit our registrar's search page and do a search. If it is available, please return to this form for the request. Do NOT submit your request there as they will require you to sign up with an account and you will be billed an annual fee. Byte Productions already has an account and will register your domain on your behalf.

  • First year: $20
  • Additional years: $10/year
  • The above pricing is for standard .com/net/org domains. Other domain endings may cost more.

Instructions and Help
  • The Registrant information is the information about who "owns" the domain; not the person submitting the domain
  • The default value for Admin, Tech and Billing Contacts is Byte Productions. If you would like to change this, please specify in the Notes field.
  • It is important to supply an email address that is not associated with this new domain. For example if your new domain is, don't use an email address like this:
  • Examples of what to put in the Notes field:
    "Only secure this domain; don't point it to a website yet"
    "Please use the above info as the Admin Contact"
    "Please notify when domain is registered."
    "Byte Productions ... you guys ROCK!!"
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